Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I don't know

Three words we all need to make sure stay in our vocabulary.  I have recently listened to a NPR TED Radio Hour podcast about saying "I don't know" (sorry, but I can't find the link right now, I'll put it in if I do find it) Freakonomics podcast, a .Net Rocks podcast and a Hanselminutes podcast on the same topic.  In this field you should always be learning, and in order to learn, you have to be able to admit there are things that you don't know.  There are always things that you don't know, whether you admit it to yourself and others or not.  And that's a good thing, it means there's always more to learn.

In that spirit, I've been hearing more and more about functional programming and it's benefits, and I admit it's a topic I don't know about.  But I want to, so I'm going to go learn.  So here are some link's I'm going to get started with, and I hope I've encouraged someone out there to go learn as well.


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