Monday, May 26, 2014

2013 VS Live Keynote

I went back and watched Billy Hollis' VS Live 2013 keynote, it's more about technology in general and not just UI Design, but it's still a good listen, here are my notes:

First thing to learn about a new technology is how to make your users more productive.
Don't uncritically accept anything you're told

Many thought leaders seem out of touch
  • Lack of focus on users and businesses
  • Hyperfocus on code and process
  • Contempt for GrD developers
  • False dichotomy

Be skeptical of gurus
Be really skeptical of one-size-fits-all answers
Be flexible instead of dogmatic
Decide if things work for your business and your users
Use what works for you, but be open to change
Cloud, better UX
Kick your addiction
Embrace diversity

Survival in a rapidly changing ecosystem depends on diversity
  • More diverse teams
  • More diverse technologies
  • Experimental design to produce diverse solutions to problems

Hire people on your team that think differently than you do

This one is the kicker
The cloud is going to change our world as much as the PC changed the mainframe world

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